White Otter Loop

Start in Atikokan to White Otter Castle and back to Atikokan (reroute for L903)
If travelling from Ignace – rerouted to White Otter Castle 

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    1. A Trail to L903- 39.7 km
    2. L903 to White Otter Castle Trail- 27.7 km
    3. White Otter Castle Trail to L801- 48.4 km
    4. L801 to A Trail 13 km
    5. Trail A back to Starting Point (Atikokan)- 74.7 km

Total Trip of 203.5 km

Gas in Atikokan
Lodging in Atikokan
Restaurants in Atikokan

NWOSTA Wilderness Loop

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You never travel on the same trail twice, you can start the loop from any one of the communities along the A trail, A113A trail, enter from the U.S. through Atikokan and Fort Frances or from Manitoba from Kenora. Uncongested and low density of snowmobilers, scenic trips off the loop to White Otter castle, wildlife, (including moose, wolves, fox, bald eagle, marten, owls, ravens, rabbits and white tail deer) Indian paintings, ice fishing, running waterfalls, massive frozen lakes, boreal forest, rugged cliff faces covered in snow and ice, Steep Rock open mine pit. Trail accesses 11 communities with all services. Total 956 km with stop in Kenora

Gateway to Ontario Loop

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Welcome to Ontario from Falcon Lake or West Hawk Lake and travel Sunset Trail Riders trails to the City of Kenora!
Take either the A trail or the L101 and enjoy the hospitality Kenora has to offer.
When snowmobiling in Ontario it is mandatory to posses valid Ontario Snowmobile trail permit. If you will be snowmobiling in Ontario more than once it is worthwhile to purchase a seasonal trail permit.  This trail permit buys you unlimited access to over 30,000 km of snowmobile trails in Ontario some with very little traffic…the ultimate snowmobile experience. However, for short trips multi-day permits (minimum 2 days – must be purchased online)  Our trails are maintained by volunteers and the permit dollars are circulated back into our trail system. For this reason it is important that you buy where you ride.
Total distance as 168 km with just over 130 km in Ontario


Please visit the Minnesota DNR website for snowmobile trail permit information on the U.S side of the tour

Visitors from the U.S.

There are a few things you need to know about entering Canada from the U.S. We maintain two trails that connect Canada and the USA, the L901M (formerly D113M) and L902M (formerly D112M) trails, they are indicated on the Northwest Ontario Snowmobile Trail Guide. If you plan to enter Canada using either of these trails, you will need to obtain a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit from Canada Customs and Immigration. There is a U.S. customs office at Crane Lake, MN (accessed by L901M, formerly D113M). Upon entering the U.S.A. at Crane Lake you must show documentation that supports your citizenship. At this point in time, you do not require a passport to re-enter into the U.S. via Canada.

If coming through Fort Frances/International Falls Cross at Rusty Meyers flying, Customs check in should be kiosk in parking lot USA side.


If you choose to trailer your sled to the U.S/Canadian border, your entry point into Canada is International Falls in Fort Frances. There are video phones at International Falls as well, here you must show documentation of your citizenship, therefore have your pieces of identification ready.