About Us

North Western Ontario is a hidden jewel in the north when it comes to snowmobiling and trail riding. Easily accessible, only two hours from Winnipeg, five hours from Minneapolis and starts at Thunder Bay, we offer over 2700 km of groomed trails. North Western Ontario’s NWOSTA trail system offers top level riding experiences for riders of any skill level. There are long stretches of lake trails next to hidden bays full of powder that has never seen a sled. For the nature seekers, there are kilometers of trails winding through the bush where you may see a bald eagle, timber wolf, deer, bobcat or other wildlife. Snowmobilers can ride for several days and complete a 1000 kilometer circle trip. With the low population density,you may ride all day and hardly see another sled.

The groomed and marked trails connect communities such as Fort Frances, Atikokan, Ignace, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Dryden, Kenora, Sioux Narrows, Nestor Falls, Rainy River and Emo and Thunder Bay. Most communities offer food, fuel, and accommodations accessible by snowmobile. There are also several “must see” things along the NWOSTA Wilderness Loop tour, such as the White Otter castle between Atikokan and Ignace, (White Otter Loop) the scenic lookout over the lake beside Sioux Lookout, thrill hills on the pipeline near Kenora, and various rapids and waterfalls along the trail near Sioux Narrows. The Gateway to Ontario Loop brings riders from Manitoba the opportunity travel on the A trail and the L101 to Kenora.

Enjoy your ride!

Board of Directors

The North Western Ontario Trails Association, has one volunteer from each club to form the Board of Directors. Current executive are listed below:

OFSC Governor – Chris Oakes
President – Dave Goodman
Vice President – Larry Lyle
Operations Coordinator – Ray Waterman

History- Permit funds at work

2021-22 NWOSTA received a 2021 Prinoth Husky  for Sunset Trail Riders. The club retired their 1999 BR 180

2021-22  NWOSTA received a 2008 Prinoth Husky to be allocated

2021-22 Sunset Trailriders received funding to replace the Adams River bridge on the A113A. Funding provided by ICIP with support from the OFSC, NWOSTA and Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. program

2019-20 Thunder Bay Adventure Trails received a used 2013 Prinoth Husky,

2019-20 Ignace Otters received the 2012 Prinoth Husky from Thunder Bay Adventure Trails

2018-19 Dryden Power Toboggan received a new 2018 Prinoth Husky and MTN drag
2018-19 Sunset Trail Riders received a New MTN drag for the Prinoth groomer
2018-19 Groomer re-allocation in the district
Ojibway Power Toboggan received 1998 BR180 previous operated by Dryden Power Toboggan Club
Ignace Otters Snowmobile received 1997 BR160 from OFSC
2018-19 Club volunteers are working continuously to clear trails from the 2017 storm.
We still have heavy equipment trying to make them available.
2017-18 Trail devastation across all of northwest Ontario – closed many trails
2017-18 Sunset Trail Riders received a new 2017 Prinoth Trooper groomer
2016-17 Ojibway Power Toboggan and Red Lake Trailmasters both received new 2017 Piston Bully Groomers and new drags
2016-17 Ignace Otters Snowmobile Club received the New Holland groomer from Ojibway Power Toboggan Club.
2015-16 Sunset Trail Riders and NWOSTA invested over $25,000 brushing along the NWOSTA Wilderness Loop.
2015-16 Emo Borderland received a 2016 Prinoth Husky groomer
2014-15 Sunset Trail Riders received a 2010 Prinoth Husky groomer
2014-15 Atikokan Sno-Ho received a 2012 Prinoth Husky groomer

2012-13 Thunder Bay Adventure Trails became a part of District 17.

2010-11 The Sunset Trail Riders received funding through OFSC from the Ontario Tourism and brushed the A trail from Kenora towards the Manitoba border. This project was approximately $50,000.00

2009-10 With funding from the National Trail Coalition and OFSC, District 17 installed a new bridge on the Atikokan Sno-Ho trail & re-decked a bridge on the Kenora Sunset Trail Riders trail. This project was over $140,000.00.

In the past, trail permit dollars were invested in the future of the sport in District 17 via the purchase of a new bridge for the A trail between Ignace and Sioux Lookout. Also much needed brushing and trail clearing in the Atikokan area and signage throughout the district. These clubs funded 20% of these endeavors, with the other 80% coming from OFSC, (trail permit dollars). That is why it is important to buy where you ride.

Clearly, trail permit dollars are going a long way towards providing sledders with quality trail development, improvement and maintenance. However, these accomplishments could not have been realized without the small corps of dedicated volunteers who, each year, put in many, many hours of their time performing these invaluable tasks.