Trail Permits

Remember to Please Buy Where You Ride to support your club and its trails.

Your Snowmobile Trail Permit entitles you to enter and travel any limited or available OFSC Prescribed Trail at any time during the winter. Permits generate the revenues OFSC clubs need to maintain snowmobile trails and purchase groomers and equipment. By purchasing a permit, each rider contributes to the cost of providing snowmobile trails as part of the OFSC User Pay System.

Permits are only available online.

2022-23 Permit Prices

Permit Types and Fees
More Choice for Permit Purchasers
Seasonal$214.00On or before Nov. 1st. Consumer pays processing fee.
$244.00on or before Dec 1st. Consumer pays processing fee
$294.00Dec 2nd onwards. Consumer pays processing fee
Classic$171.20$171.20on or before Dec. 1. Consumer pays processing fee
$201.20after Dec. 1. Consumer pays processing fee
Multi- Day$45.00Must be printed online after purchase . Minimum 2 day purchase.
Special Event$45.00Available online for the event -must be printed

Permit Placement

PermitPlacementThe Trail Permit is valid only when permanently affixed in the approved areas so that it is fully visible to a person standing 10 metres in front of the machine on its centerline.

Permit Placement Tip – Remove the old permit first. Avoid placing your new permit directly on top of your old one. Remove the old permit prior to affixing the new permit.

Classic Permits

Classic permits available to purchasers for use on snowmobiles 1999 or older. Classic Permits can only be issued for the snowmobile VIN and name of the person shown on the MSV Registration Slip.

Classic permit must be purchased online at

Replacement Permits

Replacement Permits only available online.
To receive a Replacement Permit, the
original Trail Permit or portion thereof, plus the matching trail permit receipt, must be
attached to the signed application form that is to be completed by the original purchaser.
Cost is $15.00


Permit transfers are only permitted in the following situations:

You are selling (or have otherwise transferred the ownership of) your snowmobile to another person along with the unexpired current season permit (Seasonal or Classic only) or you have purchased a snowmobile with an unexpired current season permit (Seasonal or Classic only).

You are replacing your snowmobile and would like to transfer the unexpired current season permit (Seasonal or Classic only) to your new snowmobile.

In either situation you must advise the OFSC of the transfer by contacting your local district or the OFSC directly at

Please Note: You will require the following information to complete the transfer:

Full name, address and contact information to whom the original permit is registered
Snowmobile make, model, year, licence # and vehicle identification number (VIN) to which the original permit is registered
Physical evidence of the return of the existing permit (if necessary) including at least the portion carrying the complete permit number
Payment of the current fee for the administration of the process (fee $15.00)

For a transfer to a new owner you will also require:

Full name, address and contact information for the new owner
Please note the new owner will be required to complete the relevant application forms to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions in respect of the permit and use of the trails

For a transfer to a new snowmobile you will also require:

Make, model, year, licence # and VIN for the new snowmobile